Central SBI Select+ Card

Central SBI Select+ Card Details and Benefits
Card Type: Shopping
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Benefits and Features

Joining & Complimentary Benefits

Central e-gift vouchers worth Rs. 3000 Complimentary m-coupons worth Rs. 500 each for first 3 months.Each voucher holds a validity of 3 months

Accelerated Select Points

20 Select Points for every Rs. 100 spent any Central store 10 Select Points for every Rs. 100 on Dining & Movies 2 Select Points for every Rs. 100 other retail spends (Non-fuel) 1 Select Point = Rs. 0.25

Renewal & Milestone Select Points

Milestone Select Points worth Rs. 4,000 on annual spends^ greater than equal to Rs. 6 lakh Renewal Select Points: 12000 Select Points worth Rs. 3000 on renewal fee payment and annual spends of Rs. 1,25,000

Instant Redemption

Instant Redemption of Select points at any Central Store No minimum limit of Select points is required for Instant Redemption Select points can be used to pay for your shopping

Central SBI Select+ Card Advantage

Daily purchases now made easy with Central SBI Select+ Card. Simply wave your contactless card at a secure reader and your transaction is done. It’s fast, easy and incredibly convenient

Fast & Convenient

No need to hand over your card or look for cash /coins for everyday small ticket purchases. Simply wave your card & go. It’s as fast & convenient as that.


During a contactless transaction the card never leaves your hand; significantly reducing the risk of card loss and fraud due to counterfeit (skimming). Even if the card is waved multiple times at the reader, the unique security key feature of Visa payWave will ensure that only one transaction goes through, thus making it more secure.

Fraud Liability Cover

Get complimentary credit card fraud liability cover of Rs. 1 lakh This cover is liable from the period of 48 hours prior to reporting of loss till 7 days post reporting of loss.

Cash on the go

Withdraw cash anytime from over 1 million Visa ATMs worldwide.

Easy Bill Pay facility at zero charge

Never miss the due date for paying your electricity, insurance, telephone and other utility bills, with the Easy Bill Pay facility on your card Give us standing instructions to make payments on your behalf every month with SBI Card Auto Bill Pay


With Flexipay, convert your transactions in easy monthly installments.

Balance Transfer on EMI

Transfer the outstanding balance on your other bank’s credit card to your SBI Platinum Card and avail a lower rate of interest and pay back in easy EMIs.

Easy Money facility

Easy Money lets you avail money just when you need it. With this facility, you can get a draft or cheque against your cash limit and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Global acceptance

Your Central SBI Select+ Card is an international credit card and is accepted in over 24 million Visa outlets worldwide and over 3,25,000 outlets in India

Empower your family

Share the power of your Central Select+ Card with your family. Apply for add-on cards for your spouse, children, parents and siblings who are over 18 years of age.

Emergency card replacement

Get your Central Select+ Card replaced anywhere in the world.

SBI Card drop box locator

Locate the SBI Card drop box nearest to you. Simply follow these steps:

Type "PIN" < space > your 6 digit area pin code xxxxxx Send SMS to 56767 You will receive the list of drop boxes in your area Type "PIN" < space > your 6 digit area pin code xxxxxx Send SMS to 56767 You will receive the list of drop boxes in your area

Reward Points

For all purchases through the credit card
Reward points can be used against card purchases
Rewards Catalogue

Eligibility and Documents

  • 18-70 years Resident Indian
  • Good Credit Profile
  • No deliquencies in 24 months
Documents Required:
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Income

Fees and Annual Charges

First Year
₹ 2999 + taxes
Renewal Fee
₹ 2999
Interest Charges
3.35% per month
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